Name- Serkan Erdoğan
I watch live streams all the time. A Casual Gamer. Also PSN Trophy Hunter/ wanna play add and we might PSN:Puablo-Twane ,

Fan of The Creatures (SSoHPKC, UberHaxorNova, SlyFoxHound, GassyMexican, Sp00nerism/Sp00n/TheCampingTree, Ze_RoyalViking, DanzNewz, Kootra)

As well as ChronoCast (ChilledChaos, EatMyDiction1, Utorak007, Junkyard129, & LolRenaynay)

Also The Runaway Guys (Chuggaaconroy, ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun)

I'm also a Nob, fan of ImmortalHD
and many other youtubers such as DarksydePhil, TetraNinja, Haydunn, AshhBearr, Shofu, RachelKip, JohnRamboPresents, zXNoRegretzzXz. Rager/Sniper2477/Royal Rager, Syndicate & Kate/Piddleass.......etc many may more!!

POKEMON <3 <3 <3

18th May 2012

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