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18th November 2012

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DANZ NEWZ: What happened between Max and I. →


So for those of you who don’t know, Max is no longer apart of The Creatures. This wasn’t a decision that was made lightly, easily, or with any sort of glee.

There were no nefarious motives or strong-arming. We took it to a vote, a majority (not just Koots and I as people seem to be suggesting)…

Even through all of this, I can’t say much, since I’m not the person dealing with these problems. This was a big decision for the group, hopefully TheCreatures will pull through from the hate & threats. Hopefully Max will move onto even better things. And hopefully everyone will be able to continue to make great content regardless of the situation. Lets all just hope everything gets better for everyone from this.

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17th November 2012

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17th November 2012

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6th June 2012

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James pls [x]

lol James face-cam

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5th June 2012

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via @SplinterCell

all of the Creatures except Sly &amp; Sp00n :P


via @SplinterCell

all of the Creatures except Sly & Sp00n :P

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28th May 2012

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18th May 2012

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